Designs Giftcards

Giftcards… somehow, the idea of giving out giftcards is too practical….maybe a bit inpersonal? Doesn’t really help either that giftcards are rather boring, stored in an enveloped.

However, buying jewellery for one is tricky. How would I know the person will really like it? Of course, they can always return the purchase to trade for something which they like. But it can be a hassle for them, and also for you.

Why not make your giftcards a little more personal and enjoyable to receive? After all, the experience of receiving and opening a present is as important as the gift itself. Your giftcards is also an extension to represent you 🙂

We have a collection of packagings ideas  in our Pinterest to give you inspiration how you can design your giftcards – without too much efforts and cost.

Lace/Recycled Wedding Invitations

Aus_Chick Flickr

picked by youaremyfave

picked by Purlbee

picked from no bigge

<source unknown>

found by Dandee


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