Making your business cards

So, you wanted to sell more of your designs. Naturally you start thinking about business cards. You’ve got to have them ready at hand.

Being the creative you, you probably would like something more unique. And of course, the card is the representation of you. But since you just started, hey, let’s face it. You probably don’t have that much capital to hire someone to design it for you. And what about the printing? There are cheaper options online, but your probably prefer something more elegant.

The choice between having someone make a great design for you, or spend the money on better printing is a painful one. This is  why we simply love Moo. You don’t have to make that choice with them.

Moo MiniCardsThey have Infinity printing feature, where you can upload and print and infinite number of design behind your cards. Sort of like your mini portfolio behind your business cards. How cool!

And then of course, some of us would like to differentiate with the shape of our cards. Moo offers printing of the standard business cards size and the MiniCards (like the image you are seeing). Personally, we find this mini cards size really cute. And they are cheaper per piece!

Getting the right image may be a headache for us. After all, not all of us are as creative with graphical softwares as we are with jewellery designs.

This is where we find Moo even cooler. They have a wonderful collection of ready made templates. Fear not, these are not those standard cold business cards you normally see. They have 309 different designs!

Now, about the price – normally we are looking at printing large units. With moo, you can print 50 cards for as little as £10.99 or 100 mini cards. While it is not the cheapest per card compared to others, the quality and design is many times better! Oh, did we mentioned they have environment friendly cards as well? All in all, … we still love Moo.


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